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-an assortment of completed films, featuring Cody Bushee.



TRUE NIGHTMARES (Season 2 Episode 4) - My Beloved Smother

After trick or treating with his family on Halloween night, a young boy is rushed to the hospital and dies from unknown causes.

Expierence Points - Episode 1 (Season 1 & 2 are also online)

A web series about real nerds playing real D&D. It builds character.

Directed by Kate Enge. Written by Timothy J. Meyer.

Hills and the Night

A thriller that tells the tale of the Hollywood's darkside.

Directed/written/edited by Michael Erik Nikolla. Cinematography by Aaron Grasso.

A Lutefisk Western

A man. A treasure. Canadians.

Directed by Eric Carlson. Produced by Andrew Neill. Edited by Maxwell Heesch.

Miss Candy's Darkroom

A girl relives her past to discovery who her true love really is.

Directed by Yufei Qiao.

Dakota Boys

While searching for there beloved can of dip, two brothers unexpectically stroll down memory lane to realize there dad is gone.

Directed by Steven Molony. Produced by Sketch Team Six. 


Based on the novel "Women" by Charles Bukowski

Directed by Claudia Zie. Cinematography by Adam Alan Brant.

It's All About Who You Know

A story about a man who finds out what it takes to make it in the entertainment industry

Directed and written by Nicholas Marell


A heartfelt tale of one boy's love for the planet Jupiter.

Directed by Kate Enge. Cinematography by Alex Welgraven. Visual Effects by Ben Stommes.


A photographer redifines his perception of art after going color blind.

Directed/written/cinematography/edited by Kyle Thor.


A short story about the darkest before dawn.

Directed/written/edited by Matt Jackson.

Dakota Boys - Dip

Two brother realize nothing else matters when you have a good can of dip.

Directed by John Leingang. Produced by Sketch Team Six. Edited by Torrey Halverson