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November 2020

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A short film produced by and starring Cody Bushee.

Based off of the novel "Women" by Charles Bukowski.


Directed by Claudia Zie

Cinematography by Adam Alan Brant

Co-producer Matthew G. Pitner

Original Song "I Remember"

Written by Damien Rice

Performed by Cody Bushee


Every Monday at 4 pm PST you can see Cody as the host of the twitch show "An Actor Unprepared".

One actor. One director. One never before seen monologue to be performed within an hour. Welcome to an actors nightmare!



A web series about real people playing real D&D.

YouTube Channel:


Catch the entirety of Season 1 right now.


Season 2 has begun..

It builds character.


Directed by Kate Enge.







Here is a collection of reviews about Cody while he's been on the stage in the Los Angeles area.



"An absolute MUST-SEE! Stellar cast, brilliant concept, direction and execution! Genuine chills and guaranteed laughs. You won't want the story to end. So - you'll keep coming back each week to see what unfolds next time for the hapless inhabitants of Brimstone! A gift to fans of improv, horror and comedy."

Susan Deming (Casting Director. CSA)

"Nobody's bending genres in narrative improv like the Beards. Some of the best, most committed performances I've seen onstage in LA. Come for the weirdness, stay for the talent."

Timothy Meyer (Betterlemons)

""Brimstone" is the scariest campfire story ever told, performed in shadows and candlelight, punctuated by silence and screams, against the backdrop of a howling wind and raging snowstorm and brought to life by expert improvisers who craft a unique play each performance within the framework of an abandoned town with a terrifying past somewhere in the Old West. The cast creates sympathetic characters before plunging them into a world of dread and approaching doom, with the doom being different with each new audience's suggestion. Some say Brimstone was done in by poison, witches or an Indian curse. Your audience will hear differently. It's the best manifestation of horror I've ever seen on a stage."

David Taylor (Betterlemons)

More reviews of Cody and Bearded Company's Production of BRIMSTONE can be found at the following link.



"Cody Bushee is also clear — solid gold as the the King of France,  glittering false mica as the simpering Oswald."




"...conspicuously excellent actor and singer Cody Bushee."


"If you have not had a good laugh in a while, this is something worth seeing as you will leave the theatre wanting more."


"A string of musical hits and dances brings flair and humor to Randall Gray’s play, Doctor, Doctor!."

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